UNFORTUNATELY, I needed to use the public toilet in Abbey Gardens.

I went into the ladies, entered the last cubicle and thought it needed flushing! Well, it didn't as after I had flushed the toilet it was still dirty and brown

I looked in another cubicle before leaving and it was the same disgusting! This was not just one day’s use, it was dreadful.

What must visitors think? I am sure many who get off the coaches opposite Abbey Gardens and go to use the loo wish they had never arrived if this is what Winchester has to offer.

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The toilets near where Debenhams used to be are never in a good state either.

When and who is supposed to be cleaning them?

I have lived in a third-world country and have used pit latrines which have been a darn site cleaner than these.

Our local toilets must be a health hazard and surely something should be done.

Kind regards,

Wendy Hunt,

Water Lane,


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