A factually inaccurate Liberal Democrat political leaflet has sparked criticism from opponents.

In a pamphlet from General Election candidate Danny Chambers, delivered to hundreds of Winchester homes, they claim “Labour has NEVER won here”.

In fact George Jeger won for Labour in 1945, holding the seat for four years as part of the post-war Attlee government. 

A Lib-Dem spokesperson told the Chronicle: "We now recognise a small error in our leaflet, and are happy to admit Labour had an MP for Winchester well over 70 years ago, and at this election, it's a clear two-horse race between the Liberal Democrats and a desperately out of touch Conservative party.”

Patrick Davies, former Labour city councillor and General Election candidate, said: “They’re always getting it wrong. Choosing selective facts is the nature of their operation.”

Danny Lee, Green Party city councillor, said: “They should have qualified that, because we need to be truthful with the public in everything we say.”

The Conservatives have been asked to comment.

Canvassing is ramping up as a general election will be held within the next year. The Lib-Dems are hoping to win a majority in Winchester, which would overturn 14 years of Conservative control under Steve Brine.

For the next election, new constituency boundaries for Winchester will expand as far as Bishop’s Waltham, but Chandler’s Ford will now be folded into the Eastleigh constituency. The Meon Valley constituency will no longer exist, being split between East Hampshire, Winchester, Hamble Valley and Fareham and Waterlooville.

The constituency boundaries in 1945 were vastly different, with Winchester united with Eastleigh, Netley and even parts of Southampton. Eastleigh in particular was an industrial town with thousands of people employed at the railworks and other factories.

A date for the next general election is unconfirmed as of yet, but the latest possible date it can be held is January 28 2025.