PROGRESS is being made on the redevelopment of Station Approach in Winchester.

The master plan for the £150m regeneration of the land between Gladstone Street and the Cattle Market on Andover Road – including the station car park and Carfax site – is being drawn up by locally-based Design Engine.

Initial ideas include up to 250 new homes, offices, shops, cafes and restaurants.

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Hampshire Chronicle: The Regeneration Cabinet CommitteeThe Regeneration Cabinet Committee (Image: Chris Atkinson)

At the Regeneration Cabinet Committee, Design Engine director Richard Jobson and architect Oliver Moore introduced the firm to cabinet members, referenced previous projects in and around Winchester it had been involved in, and discussed its initial plans for the space.

They also revealed the partners the firm will be working with during the redevelopment, including New Masterplanning, Urban Movement, Arup and Steven Bee Urban Counsel.

Public engagement for the project is planned to take place this summer, while a concept master plan will be submitted to the cabinet for endorsement in spring 2025.

Mr Moore said: “Our initial thinking for this site is our ambition is to turn it from somewhere you travel through and arrive in, to a place of connecting. That will work on a number of levels; connecting existing transport routes, new modes of moving to, around and through the site, a place to connect for work and play and connecting to nature.

“We want to transform this from a place to park cars into somewhere with culture and events.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Winchester Station Approach design - a previous scheme not proceeded withWinchester Station Approach design - a previous scheme not proceeded with

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Cllr Martin Tod, leader of Winchester City Council, asked: “How are you working to join (Station Approach) up with other citywide transport issues, such as the movement strategy?”

Council officer Ken Baikie said: “We have a meeting to be set up between the two respective design teams for Station Approach and Central Winchester (Regeneration scheme).

“It is due to happen. Both teams understand how important it is to hear from each other, about opportunities and see what is possible in terms of public transport provision, movement, active transport between both projects. That is due to happen before the end of March.”