A Hampshire automotive recycling centre has teamed up with a charity to help Ukrainian refugees.

Silverlake Automotive Recycling, in Shedfield, is sending recycled vehicle first aid kits to Ukraine, with the support of UK Sunflower Aid.

The salvage company, in Botley Road, is also supplying fuel for the charity’s vans before they set off on the long journey to the Ukraine border.

Since May last year, Silverlake has collected and shipped more than 1,500 first aid kits and fuels more than 10 Sunflower Aid vans over multiple trips.

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Paul Fullick of UK Sunflower Aid, said: “We formed UK Sunflower Aid and started taking aid to Ukraine a week after Russia invaded Kiev, it seemed like the right thing to do. More than two years later we have moved almost 600 tons of humanitarian aid and medical supplies directly to the people and hospitals in Ukraine.

"The support we get from organisations like Silverlake is essential and helps us to deliver this life saving aid. Thank you to everyone at Silverlake who help keep the wheels moving, the people of Ukraine are extremely grateful.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Paul Fullick delivering aid to UkrainePaul Fullick delivering aid to Ukraine (Image: Silverlake)

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Allen Prebble, managing director at Silverlake, said: “We know Paul from our sponsorship of the Silverlake C1 Racing Series. He is a racing driver with Team BRIT, a disability motorsport team that races in the Series. When I heard what he was doing to support the people of Ukraine I knew Silverlake had to get involved. 

"Recycling vehicle first aid kits was a meaningful and valuable way we could help, as well as supplying tanks of fuel for the aid vans setting out for the Ukraine border.  UK Sunflower Aid has achieved so much and we are proud to be helping them to make a difference to those caught in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.” 

The business first launched the initiative when it recognized that the first aid kits in the 30,000 plus salvage vehicles it processes each year could provide some valuable supplies to the aid effort.