It was interesting to read the letter, 'Monotony of design at Kings Barton development' particularly as it references the noticeable increased traffic flows in the Park Road area (Chronicle, February 1). 

It has to be said that this is true across the area. One only has to stand on the Andover Road, particularly in the early morning to see the evidence. 

Yet incredibly this traffic is to be redirected through the not so new Kings Barton housing estate. Let’s not forget this traffic includes polluting lorries, buses, coaches, fire engines, police cars and ambulances possibly on emergency calls, as well as the hundreds of cars, where there are no footpaths and children are trying to get to school.

Eventually, there are planned to be 2,000 new homes on Kings Barton. Even the very basic of calculations indicates that a minimum of 2,000 cars will be in use on the estate. When was the last traffic study undertaken on the Andover Road to actually count the cars that will be travelling through Kings Barton? I suspect the last study was long before building started at Kings Barton. Things have changed, and don’t forget those extra 2,000+ cars!

We can say goodbye to the proposed new entrance to Henry Beaufort School that would have rerouted the school traffic and coaches to the Andover Road to ease congestion on Priors Dean Road/Bereweeke Avenue. Where will be the newly discovered rat runs be? 

What on earth are our politicians doing about this? Well it seems they are keeping their heads down. The only people who are highlighting this appalling situation are the electorate. No amount of photo opportunities are going to change the fact that this is a complete disaster. There are elections approaching. My vote goes to a politician, local or national, who not only says fine words about this issue but is prepared to do something constructive to halt this costly and dangerous decision from becoming a reality. Politicians, this is the time to get your act together – there is very little time left to do something.

Graham Ryder,
Priors Dean Road,


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