A CITY centre Thai restaurant is celebrating its move across Jewry Street, to a bigger location. 

Bangkok Bistro took over the former Prezzo unit, directly opposite its former restaurant, on December 4.

Miff Kayum, who also runs Kyoto Kitchen in Bridge Street, bought the lease after Prezzo moved out in April.

Bangkok Bistro first opened in 2020 at the end of the first Covid lockdown. The move has seen the covers increase from 55 to 75. 

Hampshire Chronicle: Bangkok Bistro

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Mr Kayum had a range of issues when moving Kyoto Kitchen from Parchment Street to Bridge Street, but told the Chronicle Bangkok Bistro's move had been smoother. 

He said: “It was frenetic, nothing is ever smooth. It was all hands on deck with everybody chipping in. It was easier than the Kyoto Kitchen move, that's for sure. We're very grateful to Mr Bakhaty for giving us the platform and helping us build our business brand. But we desperately needed the extra space, not just for the customers but also the kitchen staff. We extended the kitchen from Prezzo's.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Bangkok Bistro

Mr Kayum added that it was important to open the new restaurant before Christmas. He said: “We were right to get it open before Christmas. We had a terrific Christmas season. It was great to see Winchester generally have a very successful Christmas. We had a lot of positive feedback, including how welcome everyone felt.”

Mr Kayum recently visited Thailand and came back with lots of ideas for new menu items. He said: “After our expedition to Thailand, we're working on new menu items such as different regional specials. This year, with both restaurants, it will be mainly about consolidation. That gives us time to develop more cultural events. 

The restaurant's general manager is Murat Ozgen.