Whilst the most commonly recognised addiction may be to more illegal substances, addiction is not a word that can be limited. Many of our society, especially our younger generations are somewhat dependent on their screens for a source of entertainment and life. 

After the 2000s, when technology truly took off, many of us have grown used to the feeling of a phone weighing down in our pockets. To many, they are their most prized possession, and a few hours without it can feel like pure and horrific torture. Unfortunately, this has become a normalised reality in our society, and our reliance on our phones is increasing more with every tap on our devices.

Across the world, in 2023, the average screen time between 16 - 64 year olds was 6 hours and 37 minutes. Seeing that the average sleep time of people per night is under seven hours, this is hugely unhealthy. However, how can we stop this issue?

There are numerous people worldwide who have overcome their toxic relationships with their phones, and whilst we’re not suggesting you ditch them completely, it may be worth trying to limit the time you spend on them per day. On most smartphones, there are features that you can use to limit your screen time, and while they are not foolproof, they are a start. You can also try to pick up a hobby, so instead of mindlessly scrolling, you can try to do something more worthwhile with your time. 

Recovery from anything is a journey, it’s not easy for anyone. It’s important to not beat yourself up about not being able to instantly stop doing bad habits. The most important thing is making an active effort to try.

  • This article was written by Sara Thomas, from Wildern School, as part of Newsquest's Young Reporter scheme.