Take a step back from daily life and into the cosmos today with Clanfield Observatory's countless events. 


Situated at Hilton Heights, this hidden Hampshire gem is primed to satisfy and conquer the curiosity of our star-lit lives. Using its 5 domes with telescopes ranging from 5” to 24” in size, Hampshire Astronomy's group of welcoming, amateur astronomers have been working tirelessly in the pursuit of the discovery and detail of our universe.


Through fields of study including spectroscopy to meteor observation, they provide a wider scope of understanding to both scientific professionals and the world. Their work in astrometric measurements has even allowed professional astronomers to identify objects that could potentially threaten the Earth in years to come and precisely resolve their orbits. Star-studded scientist John Mason even featured their domes during a filmed section of his series ‘The Sky at Night’.


However, you don't have to be an expert to enjoy an evening here. Group member Lindy Bryant explained their goal of ‘teaching schools, colleges and everybody all about the sky, moon, planets’. After all, we are ‘all part of this universe, all made of stardust’.


To prevent all this insight from being lightyears away, this group brings it right to your doorstep. A weekly adult education Astronomy for Beginners course and monthly talks ensure that the wonders of our universe are open to everybody.


Furthermore, if your children are dreaming of beating Musk to Mars or allying with the aliens, this could be just the place for them. With the chance for a ‘star party’, Scout and school group visits and from January 2024, the chance to participate in the esteemed Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, this exploration of the night sky really can be fun for all ages.

So, don’t get left behind in the cosmic dust and visit the Hampshire Astronomy Group’s website. Go to hantsastro.org.uk for more information. The universe awaits.


  • This article was written by Anna Bryant Philpott, from Peter Symonds College, as part of Newsquest's Young Reporters scheme.