Within the last few years, we have quadrupled our students within the city of Winchester and we know that in the future, more will be coming. There is no doubt that we are going to need, not just for the elderly who by the way, have less chance getting to Basingstoke and Andover, in the case of emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes and accidents within the home, that is only a quarter of the problem. Access to cars being one of them. Taking us further away from home which is a long, long way for many of us. 

Then we come to the younger generation who are here nine months of the year, and I know from the language being used that more are going to come from Southampton, and further around. That being said, we are so needy of A&E, the thinking behind this is ludicrous, that being my opinion and of many others. 

I have a young family around me, their ages are from 60 to one, and they are all saying where on earth is your thinking for the future. Winchester hospital could be incredible, with the money you are proposing for a new hospital, and whatever you have got in your mind for Winchester hospital is ridiculous. It is in a prime position, it has the ability to be scraped from the inside and started again.

The shell is there, why would you want to go and spend millions and millions which will have to be covering every aspect, there is no sense to it. The inconvenience and fear you are giving to be people of Winchester is appalling. Let's be honest, this is central to these villages and areas of Winchester. We are central, the basis is already here. 

Forgive me for being cynical about the public consultation, having been a city councillor for 16 years, the language that I hear is that it does not matter what we consult people about, we are going to do it anyway, I could be wrong but that is what I think is happening. What will they do with the hospital when that goes? I would not be surprised if it is not already being spoken about commercially. I leave that to your imagination of what that could possibly be. 

Eileen Berry,
Priors Dean Road,

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