HHFT's hospital plan is allegedly “exciting” for Winchester. But, just because they say it is, doesn’t mean it really is, think “Emperor’s New Clothes”.  

The plans strongly disadvantage Winchester and surrounding area to the south and west and involve dismantling most acute services.  Winchester deserves a full acute hospital not a downgraded shell, providing community-style services, with some simple surgery added in, whilst Basingstoke gains a shiny new Hospital and almost all of Winchester’s acute beds and A+E.  

A&E services: The Urgent Treatment Centre proposed for Winchester,

  • Cannot treat 40 per cent of A and E attendances. 
  • Open 24/7 but many elsewhere have reduced hours because of staffing and where are these GPs coming from to staff it?
  • The Urgent Treatment Centre is for more minor injuries and illnesses.

Maternity: No specialist doctors in the birthing unit at Winchester,

  • Similar to home birth
  • No epidurals or quick response for complications.
  • RCM Birthplace Report says: 40 per cent first births and 10 per cent of subsequent births may need urgent transfer.


  • Only simple surgery, and day surgery.
  • Any complications transferred to the “acute hospital” site.

 So, Winchester is not really an “acute hospital” with no acute medical, surgical, or critical care on site.    

Children needing inpatient treatment will not be in Winchester but 15 or 23 miles away.

Ambulance services: Ambulances will take more patients to Southampton , fact!

  • Policy already sends patients to the nearest appropriate hospital
  • Will Southampton Hospital cope? It took 50 minutes for a private ambulance to come when we called 999 with the hold-ups at Southampton – so potentially destabilising an already stressed health system.

HHFT is centralising services away from Winchester. Who suspected their formation would result in dismantling the Royal Hants County Hospital?  they gave us empty promises. 

We must speak up before it’s too late.

Ginny Ward,

Main Road,


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