I am five years old and my name is Josie. My daddy read me your article “Further delays to Winchester park’s play tower, months after refurb” [Chronicle, January 9]. I was sad to hear that there will be more delay before the ‘big slide’ is opened at Eversley Park, Kings Worthy. I couldn’t go to the park for a while when it was shut for new equipment to be put in. I had to wait a really long time. Then it opened but the ‘big slide’ (which looks really fun) had a barrier around it. In another part of our village the small park near Tubbs Hall has a barrier in it too. It has been like that for years, ever since a train I liked to play on was destroyed. My daddy said some people set fire to it. Every time I pass it I think about that and I wish that the council would replace it so that I can play on it again. The problem is: I am nearly a big girl and one day I’ll be too old for the play parks, so I hope they fix them soon.

Josie Wheeler (age five),

Lovedon Lane,

Kings Worthy

PS I have drawn a picture of the big slide (without the barrier around it).