TEST Valley Crematorium is offering a new way for music fans to remember their loved ones.

A new partnership between And Vinyly and Westerleigh Group allows the crematorium to offer the bereaved the chance to have the ashes of a loved one pressed into a vinyl record.

Options include making several 7” or 12” records for a similar price to a single vinyl. The record can include a personal message, someone’s own soundtrack or just the sound of silence.

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Robert Metcalf, Test Valley Crematorium manager, said: “We are always looking to expand the range of memorial options available to the bereaved in order to give them the widest possible choice and help them to create uniquely personal memorials for their loved ones.

Hampshire Chronicle: Jason Leach (left) and Matthew BrookJason Leach (left) and Matthew Brook (Image: Test Valley Crematorium)“What you receive is a real playable vinyl record containing around 18 minutes of audio on each side, along with a small amount of the ashes.

“And it is not only music that can form the soundtrack, many people choose to include recordings of special occasions or conversations with their loved one on the vinyl.

“The process enables people to design their own sleeve and label artwork too, if they wish, using templates provided by And Vinyly.”

And Vinyly was established in 2006 by Yorkshire-based music producer and music label owner Jason Leach.

He said: “We have developed a unique additional process that enables us to press a small amount of a loved one’s ashes into real vinyl records, creating an audio-visual memento.

“The first step is the collation of the content. This can be collaborative and is, we have learned, often a cathartic experience, with friends and family contributing photographs and words, voicemails, answerphone messages and recordings of special times.

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“Our partnership with Westerleigh Group will enable us to serve even more bereaved and help them create beautifully bespoke vinyl records which can be kept at home, played and cherished for generations.”

Westerleigh Group is one of the UK’s largest independent owners and operators of crematoria and cemeteries, with 40 sites in England, Scotland, and Wales.

More information about the partnership with And Vinyly can be found on the Test Valley Crematorium website.