The Covid pandemic may be over, but the UK is on the verge of a highly contagious outbreak of another child-specific illness which can have irreversible side effects, measles.

Although geographically not all located in Hampshire, even though the incidence here is slowly increasing, cases are prevalent in all parts of the UK. One child with the illness can unwittingly infect up to nine others. One in five children require hospital treatment. Overall in the UK, 3.4 million children under the age of 16 years have not been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine, measles, mumps and rubella. Just two doses of this vaccine will provide 99 per cent protection against the virus.

Since Covid, much has been learned about community availability for preventative vaccination. More locations and times are available. All GP practices have been put on alert to provide the MMR vaccination for very young children. Children vaccinated between the age of one to three years get the maximum benefit for a lifetime.

UK parents of children between the age of six and 11 who have not had the MMR vaccine are being written to by the NHS to ask them to arrange a GP appointment as a matter of urgency. These will be available in many different places and these children will be given priority scheduling.

This is a serious danger to public health warning. Despite major concerns being given daily by the NHS, the websites of MPs Steve Brine, Flick Drummond, Caroline Noakes, Suella Braverman, Caroline Dineage and Penny Mordaunt contain nothing at all about this approaching epidemic.

The MMR vaccine is safe. Get it to prevent serious permanent harm to your children.

Peter Rees,

Winchester Labour Party,

Monarch Way,