A TREE surgery business near Romsey raised nearly £1,000 for a hedgehog service by collecting people’s Christmas trees.

Awbridge Arborists had another successful year picking up approximately 160 Christmas trees from Romsey and surrounding areas to support Romsey Hedgehog Lady.

Business owner James Parker along with Wayne Morgan, Harry Doherty and Sam Davies made more than 150 stops and raised more than £900, with the last of the trees being collected on January 12.

The chippings were donated to Nursling Primary School, for its forest school area to make it less muddy.

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Hampshire Chronicle: Awbridge Arborists teamAwbridge Arborists team (Image: Awbridge Arborists)

Residents were asked to donate a minimum of £5 to have their trees collected, with all proceeds going to Pip Hollingworth (Romsey Hedgehog Lady) and her volunteers to help look after the area’s hedgehog population.

Hampshire Chronicle: Hedgehog rescue by Romsey Hedgehog LadyHedgehog rescue by Romsey Hedgehog Lady (Image: Romsey Hedgehog Lady)

Pip said: “Well done and thank you for all your hard work. This huge amount will pay for a lot of supplies. I’m currently spending £60 a week just on food for them all. Between £100 to £200 a month on drugs and that again on disposables, kitchen rolls, syringes, needles, veterinary disinfectants and heating the cabin. It’s all really expensive since covid.

“The huge donation will make such a difference. I can stock up with six months of supplies and not have to worry.

"The October heatwave has caused them to have winter litters which then can’t survive when it got colder. I’ve had my busiest winter ever and am so grateful to Awbridge Arborists for their fundraising."

Mr Parker, who launched Awbridge Arborists in 2006, said: “It’s a crazy busy day and takes a while to organise but it’s good fun and we have a laugh doing it. We’re pleased to be able to help Pip and her volunteers who do such selfless work for the benefit of the hedgehogs.”