A PRESCHOOL in Micheldever where “everyone is valued” has received an “outstanding” rating in its latest Ofsted inspection.

Micheldever and Stratton Preschool, located at the Warren Centre on Andover Road in Micheldever Station, received the grade after inspectors visited on November 30.

 The Ofsted report says: “Children display exemplary behaviour. They are well-mannered, considerate and care for their friends. Children persevere at tasks they find difficult. They quickly become resilient learners who are willing to try to work things out for themselves and learn from their mistakes.

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“Mathematics is taught very effectively. Outside of the excellent support for counting and recognising numbers, children eagerly explore complex mathematical concepts, showing a thirst for knowing and understanding the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. Staff rise to the challenge ably, supporting children to explain their thinking as they note the differences between the objects. Staff are adventurous in their introduction of new vocabulary.

“Children are exceptionally well prepared to make a positive contribution in modern Britain. Children gain an appreciation of democracy and learn that their opinions matter and are valued. For example, children vote for their choice at song time. They learn that, sometimes, their song is not chosen and show a mature understanding of why.”

Hampshire Chronicle: The school was inspected by Ofsted on November 30The school was inspected by Ofsted on November 30 (Image: Micheldever Preschool)The report continues: “Leaders, staff and the committee promote a robust culture of safeguarding that ensures continued vigilance on any safety matters. Staff remain highly alert for signs of concern, including outside the setting, and ensure safeguarding procedures are followed rigorously.

“The support for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) is exceptional. The manager, who is the special educational needs coordinator, proactively takes the lead with other agencies so that children have access to specialist help where required.”

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Nicola Mann-Rae, the manager of Micheldever Preschool, said: “We are so incredibly proud of our recent Ofsted result, as a small charity committee led preschool, our children, families, staff, committee and the wider community are the reason why we achieved our 'Outstanding' result. 

“Every member of our preschool from the youngest to the oldest are part of one big happy family, where we are all aiming for the same goal, which is that our clever, intelligent and wise littlest owls are 'Owlstanding' every single day and continue to thrive and achieve as their selves. 

“They are the future generation who are 'flying' high and will certainly soar in their future educational endeavours and beyond.”