Pity poor Alexander Cole, who was fined for speeding at 24mph in Acton (Chronicle, January 18).  Living in Winchester he presumably thought any 20mph signs he might have noticed were purely decorative.

He was fined £200, or £50 for every mile over the permitted 20.  If Hampshire County Council charged Winchester drivers that, there would be no hole in their budget, and no need to sack lollipop ladies (Fears over cutting of school crossing patrols, Chronicle, page 8). 

Then we read in the same paper (page 41) “Ways of setting up 20mph speed limits could change” - but still you report “Even if a proposed change in speed limit is considered justified, there is no guarantee that it will be implemented.”  You don’t say whether or not, if it is implemented, it will then be enforced.  Experience so far, with five penalties served by Hampshire Police in six years, says it won’t.  Yet like bald men famously arguing over a comb, still our leaders continue to sit in committee rooms, no doubt claiming expenses for attending futile debates.


Judith Martin,

Romsey Road,