The largest secondary school in Winchester is today closed due to lack of water.

Kings’ School, on Romsey Road, has informed parents that it will be closed Thursday, January 18, following issues with its water supply.

This comes after parts of Winchester faced low water pressure, with some properties having no water at all, following issues at the Easton Water Supply Works operated by Southern Water late on Friday, January 12.

The school confirmed that it would be reopening on Friday, January 19. However, afterschool activities will be cancelled.

A note on the Kings' Schools' website says: "School will be open as usual on Friday 19th January, however, onsite after-school activities are cancelled."

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Southern Water had told the Chronicle that supply issues should have been resolved after almost a week of work at the Easton Water Supply Works.

A spokesperson for the water company said: “Following clear test results from one of our reservoirs near Easton Water Supply Works we’re pleased that customers in Winchester and Kings Worthy should see normal water supply and pressure this morning.

“On January 17, we encountered a further issue with a water pump near Romsey Road, which impacted homes in west Winchester along with Kings School. This was resolved in four hours but we know this again caused significant disruption.

“Normal supply was restored on January 18, and we’d like to once again apologise for the distress and inconvenience this has caused many households. We know how disruptive any loss of supply or period of low pressure is and we will be reviewing this incident and looking at any areas where lessons can be learnt and improvements can be made.

“If you don’t have water, please call us on 0330 303 0368. More information about what you can expect when water returns this morning, including discolouration and air bubbles is available on our website.

“We are so sorry for the inconvenience and distress this has caused especially as it was a prolonged incident that lasted a number of days, with periods of intermittent supply and low pressure.

“As a precaution, if any customers are still affected, our bottled water station at Coach Park (45 Worthy Lane, SO23 73L) is open.”