I am a Winchester resident. Winchester is so fortunate to have a wonderful park, just outside Winchester Cathedral (at Cathedral Outer Close), so near to Winchester High Street.

It only takes a couple of minutes to walk there from the High Street.

In many towns and cities, you have to do quite a long walk, to get from the high streets to the nearest parks. So Winchester is very fortunate!

It's nice that an additional bench has been placed just outside the cathedral, since the Winchester Christmas Market has finished. This additional bench is near the War Memorial. The park could always do with a few more benches.

Unfortunately, this additional bench has one great disadvantage. It is facing a brick wall, rather than the cathedral. Who wants to sit down and just face a brick wall, rather than the wonderful, historic Winchester Cathedral?

Please, Winchester Cathedral, re-position this bench. That would then be a great view from this bench. Some additional benches in this wonderful park, also facing Winchester Cathedral, would also be very welcome.

Paul Hickey,
Meadow Way,
Badger Farm,

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