A ROMSEY parent has taken her son out of school over its strict uniform policy, saying it is like 'a prison'.

Year 10 pupil Logan Taylor, 14, has been removed from The Romsey School by his mother after he was put in internal suspension for having his shirt half-tucked in and not having his top button done up.

His mother, Karen Taylor, told the Advertiser: “The education part of the school is being thrown out of the window.”

Mrs Taylor, 48, of Duttons Road, said: “The severity of these punishments does not match the triviality of the infractions. Students are required to serve hour-long after-school detentions or 40-minute lunchtime detentions during which they are not allowed time to eat. This practice is not only unfair but also potentially harmful to their health and wellbeing.

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“He hasn't had uniform problems before. The school looks like a prison at the moment. They say the policy is on their website. The teachers are like bullies. 

“I always make sure his shirt is tucked in every morning, but it gets untucked naturally with him moving around the school. I want him to be at school, I'm fretting over it. Logan has been getting migraines about it. I don't agree with what the school is doing. 

“It could have a terrible impact on his education. I don't want to move him because we live a stone's throw away from the school. The worst case scenario is that he gets excluded.”

Mrs Taylor added that at least 20 pupils had been in detention for issues with uniform. She said: "There is a serious lack of communication from the school."

She added that she knew of numerous other parents whose children had experienced the same issues. 

Hampshire Chronicle: The Romsey School and Annie Eagle, headteacher

This comes just a few months after another parent complained about the school's policy of confiscating mobile phones and not returning them until the end of the day.

On its website it said: “We value our smart school uniform as it ensures that all of our pupils feel an equal part of our school community. Wearing a uniform teaches you to be smart and ensures that you are ready to approach your learning with a professional mind-set. Pupils are, therefore, expected to wear the official school uniform for the full five years that you attend the school. It should be worn correctly both in school and on the journey to and from school.

“Ties - The Romsey School portcullis should be clearly visible in its entirety below the knot. Shirt - Plain white with buttons and collar. It should be tucked in at all times.”

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Headteacher Annie Eagle said: "We are very proud of the high expectations and aspirations at The Romsey School. These expectations are reflected in our students' engagement in learning, in excellent uniform and their exemplary attitudes and behaviour across the school. 

“It is of course vital that we work to ensure consistency with these expectations. Students are encouraged to make great choices. If a student does not make good choices, we work closely with them and their family to ensure that they understand, as you would expect, that there will inevitably be a consequence in line with published school policy. It is so important that we prepare our students for the reality of life beyond school whilst enabling them to be the very best they can be."