A ROAD in Curdridge is still closed, days after a burst pipe caused water to pour into the area for hours.

Botley Road flooded on the morning of Saturday, January 13 after a broken pipe started spewing water by YMCA’s Fairthorne Manor and Pinkmead Farm.

Ward councillor, Vivian Achwal, reported the incident to Southern Water at 10am but gallons of water were lost before the leak was stopped around 6pm.

@SouthernWater I reported a burst water pipe on Botley Road, Curdridge near Pinkmead farm at 10am this morning. 6 hours later water is still pouring along Botley road! @SouthernWater any updates please? Thanks pic.twitter.com/dN1NOALyfN

Councillors Vivian Achwal and Anne Small were hoping repairs would be complete by Wednesday, January 17 however  Southern Water has said this could be delayed due to the cold weather.

Cllr Small said: "It is disappointing that Southern Water has delayed their response to rectifying the damage done by their failing infrastructure which is now causing misery to hundreds of people. This is more frustrating given that we have had to fight to get information from them so we can keep residents and businesses informed.

"Southern Water has failed the people of this area."

YMCA is still accessible from the Whiteley (East) end of the A3051 and Pinkmead is accessible from the Botley (west) end of the road