Water has been restored in Winchester after a failure but the supply may still be intermittent, Southern Water has warned. 

On Saturday, January 13, residents in the Kings Worthy area faced low water pressure, with some having no water at all.

Southern Water confirmed that the incident was due to a "technical failure" at its Easton Water Supply Works late on Friday, January 12. 

Live updates as residents hit with water supply issues after 'technical failure'

Three bottled water stations were opened from 7pm until 10pm. They can be found at: 

  • Sainsbury’s, Badger Farm Road, Winchester SO22 4QB
  • East Winchester Park & Ride (St Catherines), Garnier Road, Winchester SO23 9NP
  • Coach Park, 45 Worthy Lane, Winchester, SO23 7EL 

On Sunday, January 14, Southern Water confirmed that the supply had returned but warned it may not be consistent. The Chronicle understands that the bottled water stations reopened at 8am. 

Southern Water said: "Customers should be back in supply, however, we are expecting this to be intermittent throughout the day as we continue to fix the technical fault at our Easton water supply works.

"These interruptions to your service should be intermittent but may last until Tuesday.

"We’re containuing to deliver bottled water to our most vulnerable customers on our priority services register.

"You may notice tankers operating in the area as they inject water into the network to top up supplies and keep critical services running for the community."

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