Wednesday January 24 is Clean Air Night.

This is an opportunity for the residents of Winchester to consider the air quality in the city and what each of us can do to improve the air we breathe.

That may mean walking or cycling rather than driving a car for short journeys and also reducing the amount of combustion we contribute from our own homes,

Replacing gas boilers with Air Source Heat Pumps is a great start but not possible for many people with older and less air tight houses.

However, one thing we can all do is to stop burning wood in our homes. Very few people need to burn wood to heat their homes but it is a desire buried deep inside of us that attracts us to a cosy fireside. 

Take a moment to go for a walk on the next cold and still night and you may be surprised at the amount of smoke in the air.

More information about the consequences of burning wood are available at


Robert Carter,

Northbrook Avenue,

St Giles Hill,