After almost a year, I see that the 'temporary fencing' has been removed from opposite The Studio printers in Romsey.

However - as far as I can make out, being a frequent visitor to that part of town, no repairs have been carried out to the culvert. 

No doubt the dispute concerning who was liable to carry out such a complicated operation was beyond the parties involved.

The initial problem was some of the poorly laid and maintained paving slabs had dropped even further, thus causing a greater number of 'trip hazards'.

It was due to that particular area having a greater 'roller coaster' appearance, the culvert's partial disintegration and dropping was found to be the problem.

It took a company based in or around Bournemouth two visits to remove the fencing and re-lay the slabs to their original uneven state.

I suppose that was in the TVBC instructions - re-lay slabs to match surrounding paving.

Yours annoyed as usual,

Harry George,
Mill Lane,

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