I was delighted that the Hampshire Chronicle helpfully published an article after Alfred Homes applied for seven homes near Peter Symonds College.

As a long-standing resident of Bereweeke Road I would like to further raise awareness of the proposal to demolish a fine private house in order to build seven executive-style houses on the one acre site (with associated road access, parking and landscaping). 

The house in question, 30 Bereweeke Road, was originally known simply as Bereweeke being the grandest of the houses built towards the end of the 19th century on land formerly known as Morning Dale Field owned by St Mary's College, Winton. 

The splendid row of late Victorian and early Edwardian houses have characterised the area and formed a prominent feature of the tree-lined landscape being on high ground on the edge of the city (prior to the building of the now integral adjacent estates) and clearly constitute a significant heritage asset. The houses are predominantly privately owned and have been lovingly restored and maintained to preserve both them and the character of the area.

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These plans to demolish such a fine house would appear to be based on financial gain for both the owners and the developers and would do nothing to enhance the area or to help the people of Winchester with much-needed affordable housing. The loss of both the green space and the historic dwelling runs counter to all arguments to protect the environment, ecology, history and aesthetics. 

The traffic and pollution issues in an already heavily congested road which is used as a regular bus-route should be of great concern to all. The safety of motorists and the huge number of pedestrians using the road to access Peter Symonds College and Lanterns Nursery School and those coming to/from Westgate and Western schools (including many toddlers, unaccompanied children and students) - must also be considered.

Surely there should be some way of preserving and protecting our historic city from this type of senseless destruction. Surely we have enough pricey posh houses in cul-de-sacs built on former green plots of land? 

Surely we in Winchester should cherish our wonderful heritage and celebrate our good fortune in the diversity of our housing spanning so many centuries.

Joss Goulder,
Bereweeke Road,


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