Despite numerous feeling exhilarated for the new year, it may also be daunting for many. A new year is a new opportunity; a nice clean state. We often look too far ahead to the future, forgetting to live in the present. 


A lot of things happened globally in the past months, and world wide issues may be plaguing your mind. However, as we begin this new year, we all, no matter your position or status, we should all take the time to be a little selfish, and spend time evaluating ourselves.


This period of time is when we should examine how we acted over the past year. Although we may think 2023 went by in a flash, as we look at our camera roll, we can truly capture a glimpse of what our life was like. Memories, trips, accomplishments; though it may seem small, a year is truly a long time. Humans are designed to change, so it is practically guaranteed that we developed in our character.


Even if you think your year was nothing amazing, as you look down onto the smiling faces staring from your screen, we are reminded that light always shines through, even when you don’t notice it. This new year is a new slate, it is a chance for us to turn over for a new chapter of our lives, and get ready to write our own pages. 


There is no need to dampen your minds with things you can’t control. Your past is your past. You have to learn to bear with it, whether you like it or not. What you can do however, is determine how you want your new year to see out.