It’s that time of year again where people make new year resolutions and say to themselves that they will become a better person only to fail them by the end of January, why? Well there’s a multitude of reasons, but mainly because they set unrealistic and vague goals to begin with that can’t really be checked with progress.

So, how do you make a good new year’s resolution(s) that you can follow and stick to until the end of the year? There are three main pieces of advice that i would give to people looking for advice.The biggest advice of the three is that your resolutions should be realistic and achievable (so instead of saying something like i will read x amounts of books this year, try saying like i will read 1 book a month). Secondly make it specific and not vague, saying something like I will read books is unhelpful as it doesn't say how you would set about achieving it, also different people can interpret it differently on how many books you need to read to satisfy it, by making it specific you can have a tangible goal that you can feel the progress towards which will help your mental wellbeing. Last but not least, it ideally has to be something you are passionate about or are eager to know more, saying you will read more is ok but if you don’t like reading then it’s going to be hard to fulfil that goal when you activate dislike what you are trying to achieve, forcing yourself to keep doing the same thing you dislike because of a resolution is only going to harm your mental wellbeing. 

Hopefully this advice will help you set better new year’s resolutions you can stick to for the rest of the year.