I know that I am late to the party here, but why are not more people outraged at the proposal being put forward by the trust in regards to the new treatment centre to be built.

This is a very slick exercise as this is a done deal, the public meetings are merely "listening" not actual consultation.

The result will be Winchester is completely downgraded in favour of Basingstoke. But sold to people with the but "wouldn't you rather..." tactic, designed to offset, belittle and gloss over instead of actually facing questions with real answers.

Travel to the new centre will be nigh on impossible, especially for those of the wider area south of Winchester. 

The budget of £700-900m is to be spent as the claim is that they can't afford to staff both sites. So, how are they going to staff another new site?

Surely, it would be better to use the money to improve all three existing sites and then staff them at the correct level, rather than subject the rest of the county to these arrangements that will in the end benefit no-one.

M Smith,
Christchurch Road,

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