UK motorists have been warned that an immature driving act could land them with a £5,000 fine and three points on their licence.

Amid heavy rain across the UK in recent months, and with more rain expected in the weeks ahead, drivers are being warned of a rule involving driving in puddles.

If you drive through a puddle and splash a pedestrian, it could result in you receiving a £5,000 fine, short-term insurance firm GoShorty have highlighted.

What does the law say about splashing pedestrians in your car?

According to the Road Traffic Act 1988 in reference to careless and inconsiderate driving, the law is clear.

It states: “If a person drives a mechanically propelled vehicle on a road or other public place without due care and attention, or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road or place, he is guilty of an offence.”

This means that speeding up through a puddle at the side of the road to splash an unsuspecting pedestrian is actually illegal and can land you a fine of up to £5,000.

The best way to avoid this is to either slow down when going through the puddle (if safe to do so) to minimise the impact or to go around the puddle and avoid it completely (again, only if safe to do so).

Andy Moody, director at GoShorty, said: “Between the risk of a fine of up to £5,000 and three points on your licence, leading to an increase on your insurance premium, splashing a pedestrian could be very costly - and inconsiderate.

"It can moreover, be difficult to prove that the act was a mistake, meaning the best way to avoid a fine is by avoiding puddles altogether - when it is safe to do so.

“We encourage all drivers to practise safety when on the roads, especially in poor conditions, and ensure they have a comprehensive insurance policy to protect themselves in case of any accidents.”