The Cathedral Chapter is grateful to those contributing their comments about the Jane Austen sculpture in this period of consultation, whether through the pages of the Hampshire Chronicle or online

We have been pleased to receive enthusiast support from eminent local figures such as Sarah Greer, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Winchester, who says, “This beautiful statue is a fitting tribute to one of England’s finest writers and Hampshire’s most beloved residents. It is a welcome and long overdue celebration of Austen’s contribution to English literature, reminding us poignantly of her essential humanity as well as her unparalleled talent. Martin Jennings’ work reflects the humour, elegance and pathos of Austen’s own.”

May I remind readers that a 57cm maquette can only indicate what the artist imagines at full scale, which is why each person writing to the Cathedral website and leaving an email address there will be invited to the consultation with the sculptor himself, so that he can hear their views and engage with them constructively, before he begins the revised, full-scale version in April 2024.

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Canon Roland Riem

Vice-Dean, Winchester Cathedral

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