RAC has issued a warning to drivers as we head into January about the 'flat battery blues'. 

The breakdown and car insurance experts urged Brits to avoid leaving their cars idle in the period post-Christmas and returning to work.

RAC reported that it deals with more flat batteries on the first working day of each year than on any other day.

The motoring experts explained that this is because car batteries drain after many people leave them idle for more than a week after stopping work for Christmas.

RAC issues advice on how to avoid a flat car battery

28% of the breakdowns RAC attends on January 2 are for flat batteries out of a total of around 12,000.

Drivers are advised to do multiple things to reduce the chances of being affected by flat batteries.

RAC suggests not leaving your car unused as well as ensuring everything is switched off when your journey is finished and checking battery connections are tight and free from corrosion.

RAC spokeswoman Alice Simpson said: “Going back to work after a good Christmas break is bad enough, so the last thing any driver wants is a car that won’t start.

“Fortunately, the flat battery blues are very easy to prevent ahead of January 2.

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“We suggest drivers don’t leave their cars sitting completely idle over the holiday period and instead try to use them regularly.

“Any car that’s currently reluctant to start is a sign of a weak battery, meaning it’s more at risk of failing at the start of the new year.

“A combination of colder weather putting more strain on vehicle batteries and the greater demand on lights, heated windscreens and wipers is a recipe for a flat battery in the winter.”