I thought Flick Drummond wanted to be the next MP for Winchester. 

She has a strange way of endearing herself to the electorate by advocating the new hospital should be built at Basingstoke and that the RHCH is not fit for purpose and should lose its A&E department. 

The clue is in the words accident and emergency. An event has occurred that needs instant attention and not an ambulance trip 20 miles up the M3 which time wise is dependent on road works and traffic jams.  

I have worked at the RHCH for over 48 years and can assure the public that the clinical staff there will provide the best care possible in the environment they are given. 

I feel Ms Drummond's comment that the RHCH is not fit to deliver 21st century medicine is an insult to us all. Basingstoke, the mothership of HHFT, appears to me, as an interested observer, to have their own agenda and that asset stripping the RHCH is part of it. From selling off property to the university to taking away services, eg cardiac, to themselves. 

I understand the idea of centralising services but Winchester is growing dramatically with the student population and planned housing developments and let's not forget we serve the surrounding areas of Eastleigh, Chandler's Ford and Boyatt Wood. 

In my opinion the best site for a new hospital is the Sir John Moore Barracks. It would certainly be easier for the poorly paid support staff to get to work than a junction off the M3.

Returning to Ms Drummond, I'm not sure I could vote for anyone who actually believes 'this new hospital will have single en suite rooms for all patients'. 

Unaffordable and, as a nurse with years of experience, impossible to staff safely. 

Ted Hart,
Maytree Close,
Badger Farm,

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