A NURSERY is celebrating its first ‘Good’ Ofsted inspection since being rated ‘inadequate’ last year.

Poppins Nursery, at The Carroll Centre in Stanmore, Winchester, was awarded good in all categories following its latest inspection.

Staff are delighted with the result, having spent the last year implementing changes since receiving an inadequate rating over safeguarding concerns in September of last year.

Rev Marianne Foster, a trustee, said: "We are immensely proud of Poppins’s achievement and the dedication of the staff who have worked tirelessly to create a nurturing environment for our children. This 'Good' rating is a testament to the commitment of those involved - staff, parents, and children alike. We look forward to continuing our journey of providing excellent care and education for the young minds entrusted to us."

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Hampshire Chronicle: The Carroll CentreThe Carroll Centre (Image: The Carroll Centre)

Inspectors highlighted strengths such as behaviour, staff cooperation with parents and child development.

The report, published this month, reads: “Children feel safe and secure within the care of kind and attentive staff. Children frequently show affection towards staff and confidently ask for help when they need it.

“Staff help children to make connections with the world through their love of stories. Children enjoy snuggling up with staff members as they explore books.

“Staff ask children lots of open-ended questions as they read, to test what they already know. For example, they ask when children may need to wear gloves and what an umbrella is used for. Children then share their experiences of different types of weather, including recent storms.

“Children behave well and understand what staff expect from their behaviour. They learn about the rules and why these are important.

“Children develop essential social skills that support future friendships. For instance, staff encourage children to wait patiently for their turn as children pass food and serve themselves during mealtimes.

“The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Staff demonstrate secure knowledge of safeguarding matters.

“Staff deploy themselves effectively to ensure the supervision needs of children are met at all times. They communicate their whereabouts as they transition around the play areas and perform regular headcounts. Risk assessments, including those related to outings, are now robust and understood by staff. This helps to keep children safe from potential injury and harm.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Carroll Centre staffCarroll Centre staff (Image: Marianne Foster)

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The only steps for improvement given in the report were: “Use routine opportunities and consistent high-quality interactions to strengthen children's understanding of mathematical skills, including number and counting.”

The nursery, in Somers Close, was rated ‘Requires Improvement’ at the previous inspection in March.

Former centre head, Jool Heller-Dixon, retired after 14 years in April, criticising the Ofsted system as “flawed”.

The Carroll Centre said the nursery remains committed to continuous improvement following its ‘Good’ rating.