It appears the North East Hampshire health organisation is going to deny Winchester NHS access; by turning Winchester's wonderful hospital into nothing more than a glorified surgery; diabolical; putting lives at seriously at risk in the future. 

Basingstoke does not need a second hospital, Winchester is expanding, and needs the NHS service local for the whole community; a more modern up-to-date hospital; at Bushfield, old camp site would be excellent. 

Winchester's hospital works wonders, but we need another, due to expansion, of this area and Bushfield site would assist in the recovery of all patients; due to the view and of course very fresh air. 

The future transportation, means many members of the public will not able to afford to replace their petrol/diesel vehicles; so other means would be required; and neighbours will be in the same predicament, and many will not help. 

Taxi, from Winchester to Alresford, is £25, from Winchester to Basingstoke £60 each way who can afford that? No one.

In ten years time £100,000 plus each way; lives at serious risk; but we will have to keep calling for an ambulance for injuries that could be treated at an A&E. 

NHS for all not just one area.

GN Barrett,
Nicholson Place, 

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