PARENTS have raised concerns about persistent flooding on a footpath after children were seen walking in the road to avoid it.

The flooding happens on the path which runs alongside Botley Road between Romsey and North Baddesley. The route is often used by children who walk to the Mountbatten School, with some walking in the road to avoid the water.

Jason Dean, who lives on Botley Road, said that he had concerns about the flooding when a parent of a child at Mountbatten said that they had seen pupils walking in the road to avoid the mud and water.

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He told the Advertiser: “There’s about 250 roughly who use that footpath, and this has been a bit of an ongoing thing. It’s been reported to Hampshire Highways, and obviously, it’s not getting any better. It’s getting a bit worrying.

“I don’t think people have been paying attention to it the last couple of years because the water will slowly go away, but I feel that it is getting to the stage where someone might have to get hurt before anyone makes any notice of it.”

Mr Dean said that when the path floods, approximately 100 yards of the footpath is under one-and-a-half inches of water. He said that he wants more drains installed on the footpath to tackle the issue.

In a letter sent to parents and carers on November 15, Andrew Portas, headmaster of Mountbatten School, said: “I am aware that the flooding of the footpath along Botley Road between the Luzborough roundabout and the junction with Rownhams Lane has become a danger to our students, some of whom are walking in the road.

“I have previously reported this to Hampshire County Council and have also done so again this week. As you will appreciate, the school is not responsible for roads and cannot make the local authority carry out any repairs.”

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Cllr Nick Adams-King, councillor for Romsey Rural, said: “Engineers have tried to clear the gullies, but the problem remains with the levels of the landscaping on the solar farm site adjacent to the path.  Work was carried out to clear the grips and drains here earlier this year which addressed the problem of the flooding here that occurred in the Spring. Since then, I made a point of checking every time there was heavy rain and the path remained clear until about four weeks ago.  Since then the problems have returned for which I am very sorry. I recognise this as a priority given the impact on so many children walking to Mountbatten school.”

Cllr Adams-King told the Advertiser that an emergency order has been raised to start installing pumps to try and clear the footway flooding.

If that doesn’t work, traffic lights will be installed to create a safe walking space on the road while Highways sort out the drainage – although this will cause delays on the A27 while a suitable solution is found.