WINCHESTER City Council has confirmed that work to rebuild a historic wall which collapsed two years ago is underway.

A section of the wall fell on the path between King Alfred Terrace and King Alfred Place in Hyde on July 6, 2021. The section was close to West View House on Hyde Gate.

It is not known how old the wall is, but it contains stones from Hyde Abbey, the final resting place of King Alfred the Great, which once stood nearby.

Hampshire Chronicle: Council workers at the collapsed wall (Photo: Tom Czarnota)Council workers at the collapsed wall (Photo: Tom Czarnota) READ MORE: Historic wall collapses in Winchester

The city council has been undertaking preparatory works to repair the wall, with archaeological work and structural assessments, with the final work expected to take place over the summer of next year.

A spokesperson for Winchester City Council said: “The works will retain the historic character of the wall by re-using as much of the existing material as possible and matching the original style, which is visible on the remaining wall sections. Some additional support is likely to be required to ensure the stability and strength of the wall – and this will be as in-keeping with, and sympathetic to, the original wall as possible.

“Subject to the relevant permissions, we anticipate that the rebuilding will begin early in the summer of next year when weather will be more favourable for the repair works.”

The council was asked why it had taken so long for the work to be started but did not respond to the enquiry.

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Hampshire Chronicle: The collapsed wall in Hyde (Photo: Rob Carter)The collapsed wall in Hyde (Photo: Rob Carter) Cllr John Tippett-Cooper, city councillor for St Bartholemew, said: “Currently, archaeological investigation works are being carried out following the appointment of a specialist archaeological contractor to perform further excavations by way of trial pits to fully assess the make-up and condition of the wall below ground level. This investigation work will also provide crucial information to ensure that the rebuilding of the wall is not only safe but also retains the historic character of the wall - two priorities for the Council.

“With specialist works of this nature, there are a limited number of contractors in the UK able to carry out the works and they are in high demand, so it has taken time to get to where we are now. At the same time, the Council is under immense cost pressures to ensure it is doing things as cost-efficiently as possible.

“It's important these sort of archaeological projects aren't rushed as they are so important to Winchester - such walls are beautiful, quintessential features of Hyde and should be designed to stand for hundreds of years for future generations.”