A COUPLE who found themselves living in a caravan following illness and financial worries were visited by the Meon Valley's MP in their new Winchester home after the politician helped them secure it.

Sue and Wayne Gorrett were forced to sell their Bishop's Waltham house in July because Sue, 63, who is registered blind and suffers from early onset dementia, cannot work and Wayne, 65, is her carer.

After the sale, they were only able to afford to live in a caravan that they had to move every 28 days due to site rules. The couple moved between Wickham and Winchester with friends' help while on the housing waiting list but were running out of money.

They contacted Flick Drummond and her team who persuaded Winchester City Council to pay the last site fees and find them a house.

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The couple moved into their home in Stanmore on November 1 just as the cold weather set in and invited the MP to visit.

Mrs Gorrett, a former marketing consultant, said she spent months trying to explain her health issues to her housing officer to no avail until Ms Drummond intervened.

She said: “Flick’s kindness, compassion and determination to assist us in our greatest time of need, is something that we have never encountered before, and for which we will be eternally grateful.

“I can tell you we finally feel like we have come home. We feel secure and safe. We haven’t felt like that for such a long time. That’s an amazing gift to give anyone and we can never thank her enough.”

Ms Drummond added: “I am delighted this is a happy ending for Sue and Wayne after a very tough few months.

“I was able to ensure senior housing officers at the council understood Sue’s severe health needs and the inappropriateness of them remaining in the caravan as winter drew nearer. 

“I am pleased the council listened and acted and this couple have a home to live in where Sue can be cared for and treated. 

“It was a pleasure to be invited by them to see their new home. It is a new start for them and one I was happy to assist with. I wish them the very best and they have said I can always pop in for a cuppa.”

The couple also look after five rescue dogs from across the world who are disabled after accidents or mistreatment. They too now have a home.