THE Gurkha Museum in Winchester has announced its Christmas exhibition.

Located in Peninsula Barracks, the museum holds temporary exhibitions to celebrate aspects of Gurkha heritage and current contributions.

The 2023 winter exhibition, called “Through the Lens of a Gurkha”, showcases the winners of the 2023 Gurkha Photography and Video Competition.

Hampshire Chronicle: A Gurkha soldier taking a photo during Exercise Sabre StrikeA Gurkha soldier taking a photo during Exercise Sabre Strike (Image: The Gurkha Museum)The Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas holds the annual competition, which aims to provide an insight into the photographic observations of the soldiers.

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This year the competition, which is funded by the Brigade Education and Welfare Fund, saw more than 50 entries.

The Gurkha Museum will showcase the entries over the festive holiday for the second year running.

Dr Daren Bowyer, director of the Gurkha Museum, said: “Gurkha soldiers are recruited in Nepal to serve in the British Army. For over 200 years, Gurkhas have loyally served this country, many making the ultimate sacrifice. It is this story The Gurkha Museum tells.

“The 2023 Winter Exhibition provides an insight to a Gurkha’s view of his world. We are proud to showcase entries of the Brigade of Gurkhas’ annual photography and video competition at the museum.”

The Secretary of the Gurkha Brigade Association, retired Major Mani Rai, said: “All Gurkhas, whether serving or retired, were invited to enter the annual Gurkha photography and video competition. The quality and proficiency of the photography and edited video received this year, from across all Gurkha capbadges, was higher than ever before.

“We thank all the individuals who took part. We are extremely grateful to The Gurkha Museum for displaying the winner and runners up, as their 2023 Winter Exhibition. The Gurkha Museum is the most appropriate platform to share the unique Gurkha perspective.”

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The exhibition comes as the Gurkha Museum starts Project Kaida, a reinterpretation, reimagination and redevelopment of Gurkha heritage in order to improve the museum’s offer and reach.

It will involve stripping out and refitting the public galleries, transforming the library into a research and education centre, the digitisation of the archives, and a new education programme.

“Through the Lens of a Gurkha” will be at the Gurkha Museum from Tuesday, December 5 to Wednesday, January 10. Entry to the exhibition is included with admission to the museum.