Here are the latest planning applications submitted to Winchester City Council

Bishop's Waltham
23/02432/OUT, Craig Tickner, the proposal is for a three bedroom house within the garden of 15 Princes Close.
23/02488/HOU, Gordon Chapman, two storey rear and side extension, 12 St Swithun Close. 
23/02667/TPC, Spry, tree works, The Crown Inn, The Square.
23/02673/TPO, Mark Emmerson, tree works, White Culvers, Bank Street.
23/02687/TPC, applicant not named, land at Bishop's Waltham Pond, Station Road.

Colden Common
23/02439/HOU, Mr and Mrs Boyd, single storey rear extension to replace existing conservatory, 22 Pennington Close. 
23/02453/FUL, Paula Johnston, the erection of stable block containing six stables, tack room and small hay barn, Hampshire Riding Therapy Centre, Morelands Copse Farm, Hensting Lane.
23/02644/FUL, Lee Purse, removal of an existing barn building and in its place, the creation of two tourist accommodation units with improved access route and designated parking area, Willow Farm, Hensting Lane.

Compton and Shawford
23/02694/TPO, Mr Evans, tree works, Silkstead Cottage, Otterbourne Road.

23/02660/TPO, Mrs Huby, tree works, Crawley Manor, Peach Hill Lane.
23/02664/TPC, Mrs Anwell, tree works, Morello Cottage, Peach Hill Lane.

23/02409/HOU, Paul Reynolds, demolition of car port and construction of extension to garage, Little Oaks, Lockhams Road.
23/02422/FUL, Roger Packer, change of use of redundant stable block to holiday residential occupation, Beech Tree, Calcot Lane.
23/02444/HOU, Dan Atkinson, conversion of existing ground floor garages into annexe accommodation, Calcot, Calcot Lane.

23/02481/FUL, Eligius Ltd, demolition of existing office and ancillary buildings on site; conversion of existing industrial warehouse and the construction of nine residential properties consisting of one, two, three bedroom properties, all with associated parking, hard and soft landscaping and 
amended access at Soake Farm Yard, Soake Road. 
23/02519/HCS, Wendy Agombar, installation of a modular nursery building at Denmead Junior School, Bere Road. 
23/02526/HOU, Rob Stark, extended hard paved driveway, front boundary wall and minor front elevation extension and alterations to materials to dwelling, Tanglemead, Upper Crabbick Lane.
23/02640/TPO, Leanda Bargent, tree works, 13 Peakfield. 
23/02655/TPO, applicant not named, tree work,  All Square, 10 The Liberty.
23/02693/TPO, Gaucher, tree works, 9 The Spring. 

23/02678/TPO, Cliff Morris, tree works, Meadow Bank Cottage, Durley Street.

23/02540/FUL and 23/02541/LIS, Phil Pratt, replacement single storey, rear extension, internal reconfiguration and associated works to the existing dwelling, formally in the curtliage of a grade II listed building. Change of use application to include orchard area within residential curtilage, Home Close Stables, 41A Main Road.

Littleton and Harestock
23/02421/HOU, Barchester Healthcare, insertion of extraction flue to the roof, Flowerdown Nursing Home, 50 Harestock Road.

23/01029/HOU, Mr and Mrs Finch, solar panels to an existing garage roof in a conservation area, Waterside Cottage, Bilberry Lane.
23/02449/LIS, Graham Metcalfe, re-modelling garden areas within curtilage: replacing two existing modern but dilapidated wooden garden sheds with a single wooden combined shed and cabin; extending the top and bottom patios with the addition of a connecting path, using sandstone paving to match existing. Re-modelling the garden fish pond. Adding additional paths to divide the garden into separate areas, Jasmine Cottage, Northbrook.
23/02676/TPC, Jane Hackford, tree works, Manor Farm Cottage, Sloe Lane.

New Alresford 
23/02233/AVC, Agim Elezi, a business sign with the restaurant logo, telephone number and website, 21 Broad Street.
23/02410/FUL, Mrs Attenborough, change of use of ground floor from photographic studio (Class E) to one bed dwelling (Class C3), East Street Studio, 7A East Street.
23/02411/FUL, Madhu Murtala, the creation of a new two-storey dwelling house following the demolition of existing dwelling house, Clematis Cottage, 54 Grange Road.
23/02486/HOU, Mr and Mrs Shakespeare, proposed rear conservatory, 5 Bramble Hill. 
23/02454/LDP, Mrs Fleming, renovation and conversion of existing store room and part of the garage to be used as a bedroom with ensuite facility, 1 De Lucy Avenue. 
23/02656/TPC, Patricia Sharp, tree works, Bay Tree House, 26 West Street.
23/02684/TPC, Alysa Curtis, tree works, 8 Burgage Mews. 

Olivers Battery
23/02368/HOU, Mr and Mrs Arnold, expansion to the front of the property to create improved better circulation, and upgraded washroom facilities. In addition to the conversion of the existing garage into habitable space, 2 Beech Close. 
23/02492/HOU, Mr and Mrs Fox, single storey rear extension following removal of existing conservatory, Eaglewood House, 12 Seldon Close.
23/02510/HOU, Mr and Mrs Marquis, single storey front and side extension, raising of roof to provide three first floor bedrooms, porch canopy and elevational alterations, 6 Pine Close. 

23/02430/FUL, Mr and Mrs Blanchard, erection of replacement dwelling, Rose Cottage, Chapel Road.

Southwick and Widley
23/02397/FUL, Jessica Hall, new farm access road with new sliding access gate to allow better access to the site, Ham Farm, Ham Road.

South Wonston
23/02500/HOU, Edgar and Judith King, single storey rear extension, energy efficiency upgrades including changes to external materials, 6 Stavedown Road. 

23/02419/HOU, Mr and Mrs Lees, two-storey side extension, Fair Oak, Swanmore Road.
23/02508/HOU, Giles Whitefield, single storey rear extension, 14 Leacock Close. 

23/02428/HOU, Dave Turnbull, two storey side extension, 92 Coriander Way. 
23/02498/AVC, Andrea Binda, proposed development will be a refresh of the existing fascia logo and blade signs on the front of the store, Unit D7 Whiteley Shopping Centre, Whiteley Way.
23/02651/TPO, Greg Stormont, tree works, 1 Bleriot Crescent. 

Wickham and Knowle
23/02431/HOU, Mr and Mrs Harding, demolition of an existing double garage and the construction of a replacement garage/gym with hobby room above and covered car port; replacement roof, windows/doors to the existing conservatory to dwelling, Cold Harbour Farm, Titchfield Lane.

23/02262/FUL, Greg Gibbs, proposed new dwelling to end of existing terrace, 24 Langton Close. 
23/02312/AVC, Portman Dental Care, retention of one fascia sign located on the side of the building measuring 2950 x 800 x 30mm, St Pauls Gate, Cross Street.
23/02381/LIS, Roderick Riseborough, new, more efficient, less polluting boiler as well as upgrading the hot water system internally, relocate the flue from its current position on the boundary, to a position at the front of the house, 13 St James Villas. 
23/02398/AVC, Nationwide Building Society, replace one projecting signage with new 500mm; replace grey fascia panel with blue and Lozenge logo with new 290mm logo height; remove window message "Building Society" and make good as necessary; replace one ATM surround and decals with new; replace statutory signage with new; add new safety manifestation to windows, 127 High Street. 
23/02413/HOU, Mr and Mrs Mortimer, single storey rear extension, new rear dormer, new conservation roof lights, replacement of ground floor windows, and internal renovations, 44 St Faiths Road. 
23/02418/HOU, Rob and Samantha Plunkett, demolition of existing single storey accommodation to the rear/north and construction of new single story rear and side extension, Hermitage House, 71 Quarry Road.
23/02420/HOU, Liz Graham, first floor and single rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory, fenestration alterations and reduction in boundary wall, 22 Elm Road. 
23/02434/FUL, Jonathon Hardy, proposed AC layout and new external non illuminated fascia and illuminated projection sign, 106A High Street. 
23/02435/AVC, Jonathon Hardy, proposed non illuminated fascia signs and externally illuminated projection sign, 106A High Street. 
23/02437/HOU, Mr and Mrs Hayes, proposed detached outbuilding to create garden room, 35A Canon Street.
23/02495/HOU, James Hans, loft extension with rear dormers. Front velux and window on side elevations, 46 Halls Farm Close. 
23/02512/LIS, Alison Evans, reconfiguration to existing rainwater goods to prevent water ingress to building fabric, to include: re-laying central valley gutters to correct fall, adding three new downpipes, adding two overflow chute outlets, and replacing one lead pipe, 11 The Close. 
23/02513/LIS, Alison Evans, removal of one accessible WC in the Deanery Bookshop and the formation of a kitchenette in its place, The Deanery, The Close.
23/02520/FUL, Irfan Khan, demolition of Wyke Lodge, annexe and garage and erection of new music school, Wyke Lodge, 38 Bereweeke Road.
23/02553/HOU, Mr and Mrs White, single storey rear extension and two storey side and front extension with associated internal works. External landscaping works with garden office, 44 Stockers Avenue. 
23/02643/TPC, Mellor, tree works, Flat 1c, 1 Clifton Terrace.
23/02649/TPC, Georgina Hall, tree works, Flat B Bolton Lodge, 102 Christchurch Road.
23/02657/TPC, Richard Russell, tree works, 24 West End Terrace. 
23/02658/TPC, John F La Trobe Bateman, tree works, The Coach House, Northbrook Avenue.
23/02661/TPC, Mr Hake, tree works, 72 St Cross Road. 
23/02666/TPO, Barker, tree works, 12 Fairfax Close. 
23/02670/TPO, Morrissey, 7 Parkside Gardens. 
23/02699/TPO, Jobson, tree works, 6 Sarum View. 
23/02735/TPO, A2 Dominion Housing, tree works, The Mons, Mons Court.
23/02737/TPC, applicant not named, tree works, Winchester College, College Street.