Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular and will continue to be popular and its effects will be far reaching, but will its effect be positive or negative for the world as we know it? Only time will tell.

Ever Since OpenAI released Chatgpt on November 30th 2022, artificial intelligence has grown from a generally new but limited concept mainly reserved for supercomputers to something many of us use everyday. With this boom in popularity, concerns are raised over the ethics of AI as well as its role in fueling misinformation or propaganda. However despite these concerns there are still many benefits to AI being used in a variety of industries, in which this article will attempt to weigh up the pros and cons of using AI in two industries.

Starting off with Customer Service, which is arguably the industry that has seen the most change since AI became mainstream, one of the main advantages of AI in this sector is that it can be used efficiently and can respond to customer queries quickly, probably better than humans as well, this means that the business can lay off some of it’s customer service staff and replace it with AI, however it leads to the main disadvantage of AI only being, at this present time, able to give generic answers and will struggle to give answers to specific queries, this means customers with specific questions may not have the best customer service.

The other sector I want to mention which has seen AI usage increase is in creative industries such as film, tv, video games or social media. The main benefit here is that AI can help media makers measure the impact of a media subject by asking the AI for its opinion, however it has a very big flaw which is plagiarism. Using AI, anyone can just copy and paste the script of a youtube video or tv show, ask AI to reword it and claim it is theirs, this is a major problem as it devalues the creativity that goes into media when it is filled with shameless copycats. We have already seen a few examples of this on youtube, where someone has stolen content from another user and passed it on as them, this can divert attention away from the original video and decrease the motivation and influx of small creators in an age where creative content is already starting to become less prevalent.

Overall in my opinion, AI should be regulated so as to not kill the creativity of the human race and replace it with dull and boring works, as well as to stop the spread of fake news and false rumours.