The major development scheme for a former army base on the outskirts of Winchester has sparked more than 350 objections. 

The Bushfield Camp scheme proposes a business park, academic accommodation with 525 beds, a 100-bed hotel and 1,055 parking spaces in a multi-storey car park. 

More than half the site would be retained as chalk downland open space.

Objections have been flooding in, with 356 submitted to Winchester City Council by the end of last week. 

A total of 10 supporting comments have also been submitted, with three marked as neutral. 

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Robert Hardman, of Harvest Close, Badger Farm, said: “The Church Commission need to be leading by example rather than allowing this rewilded haven for wildlife to be bulldozed for a development that will only increase their carbon footprint. In recent times it has become apparent that we urgently need to reverse global warming and the church of all people need to put a halt to this scheme immediately. We all need to be thinking green not greed.”

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Patrick Robins, of May Tree Close, Badger Farm,  said: “I've walked this area since 2006 for recreation: running, walking, blackberry picking with my children. It's a beautiful area with stunning views. I've always felt blessed to have such green spaces so close to my house.

“The proposals seem bizarre. Surely we don't need a hotel there? Or more student accommodation. How is that going to benefit local residents?”

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Barbara Cooper, of Teg Down Meads, said: “This is ludicrous this beautiful piece of land is well used by walkers and dog walkers. The loss of wildlife will be devastating and we can't afford to lose any more wildlife here.

“Church of England should be looking after our heritage, not destroying it. This is pure greed and as a church they should be ashamed of themselves.”

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Supporter Thomas Ruddle, of Falcon View, Badger Farm, said: “As a younger resident of Badger Farm and as someone who has previously worked in the development business, I was initially worried about the development as I assumed it would be largely residential without a corresponding increase in local services. However, I feel that Legal and General have started the ball rolling well in terms of balancing the needs of the local economy with the local wildlife.

“I personally have to travel quite far for work and more job opportunities basically on my doorstep would be greatly appreciated - and I also note the increased bus/public transport options, which will definitely be necessary if there is going to be student accommodation on the site." 

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Dr Helen Roberts, of Sunnydown Road, Oliver's Battery, said: “As a resident of Olivers Battery, I am strongly supportive of a small, mixed use development on Bushfield Camp. As it currently stands, the area abutting Badger Farm Road is visually unattractive, difficult to access, and of limited value to the local community.

“The proposed employment, education, and leisure facilities in this part of the city would be a welcome addition.

“In summary, this appears to be an entirely appropriate proposal for a Brownfield site which will bring benefit to the local area.”

To view the application online, search 23/02507/OUT on Winchester City Council's planning portal.