Many people believe that LGBTQ+ pride is purely a celebration for the month of June and don't appreciate the tireless efforts of Pride organisations and charities all year round.

LGBTQ+ pride has a detailed and vibrant history, beginning with the Stonewall riots in 1969 and progressing into modern pride parades- which serve to celebrate the lives of queer people and their fight for equality. But what more is there that people are not aware of?

The Southampton Pride CIC is a local organisation which has held pride parades in Southampton City every summer for the past 8 years. Another major, lesser-known part of their campaign, is their extra support given at other times of the year to support varying LGBTQ+ causes.

One of the main focuses of the Southampton Pride CIC right now is their everlasting support for the transgender community and the fight to bring their rights up to the standard we would hope to see. The 13th-19th of November was transgender awareness week and the Southampton Pride CIC have done an incredible job promoting and supporting this cause by holding a vigil for Trans day of remembrance and continually reminding everyone on their social media that they never tolerate transphobic attitudes within, or from outside, the LGBTQ+ community.

LGBT with the T, always.


Pride being a yearly event can also be emphasised by many other celebrations that happen outside of the traditional pride month such as Asexual awareness week, Bisexual visibility week and Intersex awareness day. Short celebrations like these act to highlight and bring awareness to commonly misunderstood and marginalised queer identities, and are becoming more and more prominent and public every year. For example, AVEN (Asexuality visibility and education network) is an organisation which seeks to bring awareness and understanding to Asexuality and related identities.

LGBTQ+ rights are constantly being fought for all around us, and it is imperative that we understand the importance of local, national and international organisations in the fight for equality.