Southampton City Centre had started their annual Christmas festivities such as the Christmas market and food stalls.   Starting from the 16th of November, some of these stalls will still be up until the 2nd of January and open from 10 AM to 10 PM selling their items and treats.


With a large selection of food from chocolate dipped churros, roasted marshmallows and pancakes to German cuisine and hot dogs, there's something for everyone to enjoy eating. 


The items sold in market stalls were all of high quality. Some of which are unique such as the wooden utensils and playing boards or festive items as the personalised christmas decorations. One market stall was selling winter clothing that you could see people walking around wearing and the football merchandise stall always had a queue of people leading to it.   Every market stall was unique and sold something different than another.   


While you can shop for novelty items and a range of food and drinks, there are also lots of photo opportunities, such as the Bargate with projections of christmas themes, the large christmas tree nearby and all the festive lights, there are also lots of fun carnival games such as the carousels and other prize winning games.  Near the ice skating rink is another set of fun activities that can be done at the Christmas Market.


When asked why Christmas markets are important, Holly Bailey,  A stall worker for Unique Personalised Christmas Decorations said that “I think it's really important because it's just been here for so long. It's kind of a tradition at this point. It's really fun and brings lots of people together ”  which really does sum up the Christmas market and season.