I have always loved living in Romsey and have for 53 years.

Most of my family live here too and I have a great group of friends that live here also, many that me and my husband have known since school. We feel very lucky to have that.  

However, the powers that be (planning officers etc. ) seem to be going out of their way to ruin all that I and many others I know hold dear, with this constant obsession with building more and more houses.

In one week, I've heard of applications for 200 plus on the Hillier's trade site and another 300 on the field by Halterworth school. That could be another 1,000 cars on the road and the same or more in people.

I would be very interested to know if the people who pass these applications actually live in Romsey and deal with the ever-increasing traffic, cars parked on every side road, not being able to get a doctor, dentist or any necessary appointment because of the huge demand.

Surely enough is enough?

Suzanne Bundy


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