WINCHESTER residents have expressed their shock following the discovery of a massive drug factory in the city centre.

As previously reported, on Monday, November 20, police raided Vodka Nightclub and Bar in the early hours where they found a large number of cannabis plants at various stages of growth inside.

 All plants will be seized and destroyed once an investigation is carried out.

The news of the drug factory being found has shocked many residents of Winchester.

Christina Carhant, 79, of Crowder Terrace, said: “It is not great. It is very surprising that it is in the centre of Winchester.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Christina CarhantChristina Carhant (Image: Chris Atkinson)University student Bhoke Magotti, 25, said: “It is quite shocking. I’m amazed that it happened without anyone knowing.

“Because there were quite a lot of drugs. I want to know if there was any association between the farm and the club and if it got out of hand.”

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Hampshire Chronicle: Bhoke MagottiBhoke Magotti (Image: Chris Atkinson)Andrew Reid, 23, another student at the University of Winchester, said that he was surprised it “was so close to the city centre.”

He continued: “I have been there a few times back when it was a club. The audacity of people doing this in the city centre is so strange.

Hampshire Chronicle: Andrew ReidAndrew Reid (Image: Chris Atkinson)“I know a few people who are wondering if it was going on when it was a nightclub. It’s all quite bizarre.”

Bernadette Foster said she was “delighted” the drugs factory had been found and stopped by police.

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She said: “I think the police have done a great job. It is time that these people were closed down.

Hampshire Chronicle: Bernadette FosterBernadette Foster (Image: Chris Atkinson)“I’m not shocked at all that it was in Winchester unfortunately. I’m only surprised that it wasn’t discovered sooner.”

Stuart Masters, 59, said: “We cannot stop this from happening, people are going to do stuff. It’s all supply and demand.

“I’m sure there are more drug farms in Winchester.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Stuart MastersStuart Masters (Image: Chris Atkinson)Caroline York, 76, said: “It is surprising that it is in the middle of the city, and it is surprising the number of plants were found.

“But I am glad it was stopped.”