After reading your leader article in last week’s publication ‘Consultation to be held over relocation’ I went along to the meeting at the town hall to see exactly what was happening. 

The place was heaving with other likeminded Romsonians and members of the general public. 
Besides the ‘Romsey Future’ display stand there were couple of other local trust stalls set up to showcase their needs for continued support, a very worthwhile exercise indeed. I’m sure great deal of information was gleaned.

When I did manage to speak with one of the spokesmen from Romsey Future I was informed that at present no planning proposals had been put forward for the development of the Crosfield Hall/ Bus Station/ Car Parks and that this exhibition was just to gauge feeling for the proposed revamp of the area, as the Crosfield Hall and its facilities was out of date and needed rebuilding. As and when planning is applied for; members of the public will also be able to attend that meeting. 

There were post-it notes all over the place (tables and walls) giving vent to one's thoughts about what needed to be done, the majority of which was for the Crosfield Hall to stay in its current position irrespective of its needs to be refurbished /rebuilt. 

There were also many stating that the meeting should have been held in the Crosfield Hall there was lack of space in the town hall due to the vast numbers of the public who attended, keen to learn what was going on, indeed, it felt as if we sardines in a tin, such was the local interest into what might be happening to our town. 

My personal view is that the Crosfield Hall should remain at its current location irrespective of whether it is refurbished or rebuilt. As for the other revamp proposals, the jury is still out as far as I’m concerned.

Mike Kelly,
The Hundred,

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