Setting aside the patronising tone of the Romsey Forum Facebook post reported in the Advertiser of November 17, I took the trouble of reading the published reports on the Romsey Future project and masterplan. 

What struck me was the lack of any clear thread which one could follow such that the proposals in the masterplan were the obvious outcome. 

What was clear was the range of diverse opinions as to what was best for the future of area around Broadwater Road. What was missing was more significant, an absence of technical reports or studies, including costs, which would enable the public and TVBC to make informed judgements.

The event held in the town hall and the information provided by representatives of TVBC has only reinforced my view that we need to press the stop button and take stock of where we are. Aldi, I was advised, say the Crosfield Hall site is too small and I should also disregard the proposals in the masterplan for their building and car park. The sale of the Edwina Mountbatten site to Churchills is add a new dimension to the future use of the Crosfield Hall site. The proposals on show are clearly out-dated, have not been informed by the appropriate technical work and have little public support.
Steve Lees, 

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