I have been searching for the last year or so for my second cousin who I was matched with on the heritage DNA site. 

My aunt who is 89 years of age realised that he must be her deceased uncle's son whom she never met. 

There are only the two of us left on our Italian side of the family: her father was Italian from a little village called Conca Cascale between Naples and Rome. 

Long story short, I did some searching around and found his address but unfortunately found he had moved from Southampton where he had lived with his mother around 2016. 

The current owner was able to tell me that the previous owner had said he was moving to Romsey but was not given a forwarding address for post etc.

I have searched online and I cannot find him listed anywhere since leaving his Southampton address. 

His name is Mr Martin P Vincent  - born October 1949 in Southampton. His mum was Mona Martin and his father Don Vincent. 

I am hoping someone may have some information as to his recent whereabouts. 

Please get in touch - email louisemarie72@hotmail.co.uk

Louise Newman 

Downsview Road


Isle of Wight

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