CONCERNS about decommissioning Crosfield Hall "hijacked" an event to discuss Romsey's future, according to a councillor.

Romsey Future exhibited past and future plans for the town at an event in the Town Hall on Saturday, November 18.

Priorities for making improvements to the town were showcased but the majority of residents were interested in the group's plans to move Crosfield Hall to a site at Romsey Rapids.

Deputy leader of Test Valley Council Nick Adams-King, who chairs Romsey Future, said moving away from the current 1920s building to a new site would increase the number of parking spaces for visitors and ensure it's run "to the highest environmental standards".

He made it clear that there would be no time when Romsey is without a community hall since the new one would be built before Crosfield Hall is decommissioned.

Hampshire Chronicle: Councillor Nick Adams-King is the chair of Romsey Future.Councillor Nick Adams-King is the chair of Romsey Future. (Image: Newsquest)

Romsey Future's master plan is broken up into phases, the first of which includes the bus station and Fishlake Stream improvements.

Crosfield Hall is not included in the first phase of the plan and would not be finalised "for three to five years". There will be more opportunities for consultation with residents.

The hall is currently used for everything from council meetings to dance classes and a quilting group.

Hampshire Chronicle: Crosfield Hall could be decommissioned.Crosfield Hall could be decommissioned. (Image: Newsquest)

Cllr Adams-King said a Romsey Future survey found that “85 to 90 per cent” of people visiting the hall drive to it but accessibility was a strong concern from those giving feedback at the event.

“People who live in the town centre currently walk to the hall and moving it makes it harder for them to access it. The current road is not great but we know if we were to do anything we would need to improve that route and make it more attractive," he said.

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Councillor Mark Cooper, chair of Southern Area Planning, emphasised how Saturday's consultation was "about Romsey Future as a whole" and the issue of Crosfield Hall had "rather hijacked" it.

"Most of the people at the consultation were against losing the hall in its current form. I simply understand nothing is fixed as of yet," he added.

Hampshire Chronicle: Council Mark Cooper said the event to discuss the future of Romsey was rather hijacked by Crosfield Hall.Council Mark Cooper said the event to discuss the future of Romsey was rather hijacked by Crosfield Hall. (Image: Newsquest)

Romsey resident Sandra Smith walks to Crosfield Hall in the daytime but fears moving community activities out of the town centre would negatively impact businesses' trade.

"In the daytime lots of us walk but the ones who come by car go into town for lunch and do some shopping. I want it to stay central, I'm not convinced it needs replacing," she said.

People attending the event were invited to write their thoughts on a post-it note, many of these referenced Crosfield Hall.

Hampshire Chronicle: Post-it notes with people's views covered a wall at the event.Post-it notes with people's views covered a wall at the event. (Image: Newsquest)

One read: "I can walk to Crosfield Hall but not Rapids from Fishlake. There are no buses and the paths are flooded and muddy. I had to walk an extra mile to avoid a flood. Please don't take Crosfield away."

Another read: "The Crosfield Hall is almost 100 years old. Romsey deserves a modern multi-purpose hall."

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