I note thaton page 2 of the Chronicle (November 16) that once again there was an HGV lorry stuck on one of the narrow bridges on Kiln Lane near the garden centre at Colden Common.

This is almost a weekly occurrence and causes much disruption on this busy, poorly maintained pot-holed commuter road.

This should not happen, there are narrow bridge, unsuitable for HGVs and three-ton weight limit signs at either end of this narrow road.

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It beggars belief that drivers still ignore these signs and still try to get through. They are probably following their satnav instead of looking at the road. There is no excuse.

I certainly hope that the police prosecute the drivers, with exposure of the negligence in the press, but I doubt it.

What is needed is much larger signage to warn of the perils to the HGVs turning into Kiln Lane on Otterbourne Road and Highbridge Road and I hope that the HGV owners are made to repair the damage to the bridges instead of as I suspect the council taxpayers having to pay for the repairs yet again.

Trevor Piper,

Skintle Green,

Colden Common