WOMEN who are thinking of making the switch to electric cars are being invited to find out more at two Hampshire hotels this weekend. 

An event called She’s Electric is taking place on Saturday, November 18 at Lainston House in Sparsholt and Sunday, November 19, at Rhinfield House in Brockenhurst. 

It is part of an initiative that seeks to empower and inspire women to live a more sustainable lifestyle through the purchases they make.

She’s Electric will be launching via a series of six, fun and engaging lifestyle events.

Former editor of Glamour Magazine and editor of YOU Jo Elvin and automotive expert and journalist Erin Baker will be hosting these events. 

Hampshire Chronicle: Jo Elvin Jo Elvin (Image: She's Electric)

Gemma Walker, co-founder, said: "We're delighted to be bringing She's Electric to two Hampshire venues this weekend. We invite our guests to embrace their power as female consumers whilst enjoying a bit of 'me time' with their friends. 

"She's Electric will leave women feeling empowered to make the right choices for ourselves, our families and the planet. Our aim is for us to become incredible adopters, as well as innovators, on our journey to net zero.” 

Guests will be able to sample a curated collection of well-being brands and activities, as well as listen to inspirational talks and conversations from fellow females and industry pioneers leading the charge to sustainable living. Topics will include practical advice on leasing and purchasing as well as the sustainable way to accelerate us towards net zero.

They will also be invited to get behind the wheel of a Genesis Electric Car. 

For more go to seetickets.com/register/she-s-electric